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Damage caused by rodents can result in costly repairs typically not covered by your car’s warranty. We take a 2 pronged approach to this issue by coating your vehicle with NH Oil Undercoating® and by using Mouse-Out™! Learn more here #mouseout #rodents #autoservice #automaintenance #poconomechanic #poconochamber #smallbusiness #poconopositivity #autorepair #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal

Air Conditioning

Let’s talk about air conditioning service and repair issues.  Most of us don’t give our air conditioning a second thought if it’s making cold air.  But it’s a complex and expensive system that we should think about before it starts blowing hot air. The refrigerant in the air conditioner contains a special oil that lubricates …

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Things to Know About the Cost of Auto Repair

Profit margins in the automotive service industry are a lot narrower than many people imagine. Cars are far more complex, thus the tools and diagnostic equipment are also more complicated and expensive. Diagnosing why your Check Engine light is on may require a machine that costs $18,000. Ask a senior technician how much he/she has …

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Simple Answers from Best Auto Service & Tire Center for TANNERSVILLE: Differential Service

Question What is a differential and why do I need to have it serviced? Answer First – your vehicle does have a differential.  If it’s rear wheel drive, your differential is on the back.  If it’s front wheel drive, your differential is built into your transaxle (transmission).  If you have all wheel drive or four-wheel …

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Selecting Tires

Question: I need new tires. How do I know which tires to get? Best Auto Service & Tire Center Answer: Let’s look at selecting new tires in light of three factors: Function, Fit, and Value. Function: This gets at what your needs are for new tires: PA weather conditions, TANNERSVILLE terrain, TANNERSVILLE temperatures, etc. Most new family vehicles …

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Tire Rebate

Receive a $70 Continental Tire Visa Prepaid Card with the purchase of four qualifying passenger Continental tires from 6/1/2020–6/30/2020. Go to to enter your claim online by 7/31/2020. Late submissions will not be accepted. Online submissions are processed faster. • No mail-in form required • Processing updates available online and via email • Must …

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A note on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Customers, As you know, this Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the entire world and our immediate community at a very fast rate. We are closely monitoring the developing COVID-19 situation and following the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to help prevent the spread of the virus. We want our customers to …

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Best Auto Service & Tire Center Takes Care of YOUR VEHICLE’S SUSPENSION Mar 23rd, 2020 After many years and tens of thousands of miles TANNERSVILLE vehicles’ suspension system components do wear out, but how long that takes depends a lot on how you drive in TANNERSVILLE. As you can imagine, if most of your driving is on …


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